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They are asking for food in Romania!

It is now an EU country, and yet there are many people who cannot afford a decent meal.

Old lady in need of care


looks after many very poor elderly people - some don't receive any pension at all - and life is really difficult for them - many are malnourished, and cannot afford basic food. Even bread costs as much as it does here, and a lot of food is more expensive - when you realize that many are trying to manage on £10 per month for a  pension - if that!....then you can understand why we try to send as much food as we can, that would provide a well balanced diet, and yet be easy for old people to cope with.

(Photo) The old lady in the photograph lives in a mud house without water or heating, and she depends, (like many others) on our Medicare nurses for food and medicine.

If you can help with any of the following items we will transport them out there in the next few weeks.

Items needed:
High energy foods
Dried milk, Ovaltine, Horlicks, Complan
Dried soup powder
Sugar, dried pasta and rice
Tinned meat and tinned fish

Disabled girl

Some of the homes for the disabled are also short of food, and we need food for the children in the 5 small homes at Father Paul's project, where there is insufficient funding.

So catering packs would be very welcome.
Any medicines:
basic analgesics, antacids and antibiotics
cardiac medicines, vitamins, calcium, iron and TENA machines (to combat pain)
with 6 months in date would also be wonderful.  
Please contact me by phone or e mail. Kathy

(Photo) Disabled girl at Brincovenesti disabled unit.

Kids and carer

(Photo) 3 of our kids with a carer polishing off their lunch.

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