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Summer 2017!

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Newsletter No. 143

Medicare news

A piece of land was bought with JOY funds at the end of May, in the village of Szabed, in the country NW of Targu Mures city . The vision is for a respite care home for patients who are needing a lot of care. Dr Judit wrote "The single good thing we do is looking after patients who don't have anyone. Next year we build a small place or mobile house, meantime we are working for other possibilities. Miracles? yes possibly, but the Lord will show the way."

Medicare nurse visiting a village patient with a food parcel

The Good News orphanage in Malawi

The obsolete but new school uniforms which Jason takes out to Malawi help to fund a small orphanage called Good News. here are the children. Stephen Zulu wrote. I praise God for protecting His wonderful children at Good News- always healthy and happy in His wings." This year they rejoiced in rains which means the promise of good crops on their land (barren for 2 years for lack of rain), and food for the children. They ask us to keep praying for them.

The children of the orphanage

Clever Hands

Orsi encourages one of the young people

The state has cut all support for the day care centre for disabled youngsters: i.e. 15% of their budget. Orsi has worked hard to raise the deficit. She wrote "The whole problem with the social system (we can apply, then we cannot apply) :.meetings and conferences, many times unsuccessful, made us apply everywhere ..a lot of energy and work. We still don't have any money from the state but we now won 2 project applications, and can apply for state help in July. Are we with stability and state support? or alone, knowing God is with us?. We didn't stop our activities. We made with the youngsters, garden furniture from pallets and painted them. 14 young people were taken to Hungary for a 3 day event for people with disability. and some went to the Barnabas house in Harghita for a summer camp"

Casa Ray

The Christian orphanage in E Romania, JOY supported for many years, had a disastrous fire earlier this year. No-one was hurt, but many buildings were damaged or destroyed. They worked very hard, and with a little help from their friends, and, as Mihai says, with the help of God they are almost finished. Mihai again said "God does miracles" We promised to replace 20 bunks, and they are being made by Csibesz- the very first JOY project, and still going strong, providing jobs for many youngsters!

Some of the children

Elisabet Foundation

The authorities have stated the boiler house for the 4 small homes of the little orphanage in Glodeni near Targu Mures is unsafe and must be replaced. So we are raising funds to replace it before the cold weather begins. Work has begun, and should be completed soon, thanks to the organisation of Arpad, the young administrator, who has done so much for the children, as well as revitalising the project as a whole. Pray for him for strength and support and encouragement.

Some of the youngsters at tea in Glodeni

Give thanks:

For the new land in the little village of Szabed for Medicare, for the whole Medicare team and their commitment to their patients.

For the Clever Hands staff and their trust in God in spite of financial uncertainty, and the lack of support by the authorities.

For Arpad and his whole hearted commitment to the children of the little orphanage at Glodeni

Please Pray:

for Dr Finna and her team as they try to find support and funding locally for the home care work, and for the future of respite care

for Orsi and Clever hands staff as they works so hard to get more funding for the Day care centre and Peter House sheltered unit.

For the necessary funds to support our colleagues in the marvellous work they do.

for volunteers

Our volunteers and supporters

The two little JOY charity shops: one at 4 � 6 Westgate in Shipley, the other at 89 Main St Bingley, provide about three quarters of our income. This is thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers who don�t even get expenses, but turn up whatever the weather and provide service with a smile, and a listening ear to those who need one. Bless you all for your enthusiasm and patience. Without you we wouldn�t get very far!. The rest of our income comes from our faithful band of supporters across the country who generously send funds, and donations of goods to sell, and much needed supplies to send out- and not only to Romania. As many of you know when there is a disaster and we have secure contacts, or we have surplus we send goods across the globe with other charities, and have so sent goods to over 30 countries.

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