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Clever Hands

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Clever hands day care Centre for disabled youngsters

Dr Maria Petho

Meeting Dr Maria Petho in Targu Mures (central Romania)(right) in 1999 was an exciting opportunity.

She had a large practice of families with disabled youngsters- struggling to cope at home, isolated, and without support. The suggestion of a day care centre for disabled youngsters was welcomed; she found an empty nursery and the first Day Care Centre was born, furnished by JOY, with new wheelchairs and support chairs due for scrap! JOY funded the buying and equipping leftof a house and then it’s extension which provides daily programmes of arts, crafts,rightmusic, physio, joyous fellowship and Christian teaching.

Making a rug

The change in these youngsters, in improving their capabilities, self confidence and mental stability is quite miraculous.left

Making a rug

To enter the centre is to find hope, and warmth- a home from home and we are welcomed with open arms. To see their care for each other, and their love for their dedicated teachers and helpers is very humbling. JOY continues to fund staff and provide equipment from wheelchairs right to incontinence pads, art and craft supplies

Making a rug

The carers and teachers take young people to their sports day. It's a great day out and fun is had by all. This kind of exercise is invaluble both physical welfare and spiritual welfare. They enjoy this day and cannot wait for the next event. Being outside is as important as all the other activities that the centre runs.

Sports day with able bodied friends

(Photo) Sports day with able bodied friends.

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